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Inception Clichefic Community

Inception Clichefic Challenge
Your Dreams
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This is a clichefic and fanart community where we will host clichefests of various shapes and sizes for Inception fandom! All pairings and fic lengths welcome. Stick around for the fun!

♥ How We Work ♥

harlequincepted is a two prong system. We will be running challenges--complete with prompt lists--every 6-8 weeks (the current challenge, Rom Coms, is running until May 30th). But while these challenges are running, we will also be announcing a theme every two weeks. A prompt/brain storming post will also be put up for each theme 24-48 hours after the theme has been announced.

Deadlines on this community are going to be fairly fluid, and you are welcome to post for any of the themes or challenges whenever your story/art is completed.

♥ Community Rules ♥

  • Please mark all contributions to the community with the following:

    • Any and all appropriate warnings and ratings
    • Pairings and summaries
    • Tags for pairing, theme, theme number, and contribution type

  • All pairings and ratings are welcome.
  • All contributions should be completed, no works in progress are permitted.
  • No trolling or flaming will be tolerated.
  • All contributions should be linked within the community.
  • Stories should be a minimum of 500 words. There is no maximum.

♥ Contact a Mod ♥

Suggestions for future themes can be left on any mod post at anytime.

For questions, suggestions, or concerns you wish to discuss outside of a public forum please pm angelgazing or foxxcub.

Many, many thanks to ohfreckle for designing our default icon(s)!